THE COMPANY: Designed to meet customers with honesty and transparency always. Qualified to meet new challenges, with extensive experience in the field of construction. Boa Vista Select is able to promote long lasting relationships with its customers, suppliers and future investors by offering a business partnership aimed at satisfying everyone. With this in mind, the Real Estate Business Center at Avenida Leopoldo Zarling, 2468 - Bombas - Bombinhas and Nossa Filial, at Avenida Vereadora Manoel José dos Santos, 536 - Centro -Bombinhas-SC was inaugurated, precisely to take care of the management of the properties of our clients and future clients, always emphasizing honesty and quality in all aspects. It operates in the region of Bombinhas and the coast of SC.

MISSION: Always prioritizing your clients and investors in service, quality, comfort and safety.

VISION: Be prominent in the real estate and construction sector with a sustainable growth respecting the client and treating their professionals with dignity.

VALUES: To undertake with quality, sustainability and transparency to customers and suppliers.